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Rodrigo Gastón Raschiani Huertos (Buenos Aires, December 20, 1977 - Italian-Argentine); better known as Roderiko Pop; is a Singer; Actor; Musician; Writer; Photographer and Plastic Artist - among many other things.- He is also a Graphic Designer; Web developer; Traveler Blogger and Psychotherapeutic Companion.-

Here you will find a bit of my history and training in the different artistic fields in which I have developed.- If you are reading this, is because we have coincided in time and space in the incredible trip that life is.- Thank you for wanting to know a little more about this wonderful being that I am.- lol

Read on if you want to know what it is about.

They called me Rodrigo but my name was always mutating until one day RODERIKO POP was born!

I took Acting Classes at the Municipal Theater School of Morón “Gregorio de Laferrere” where I graduated as an Actor after 5 years and also developed my improvement in Plastic Arts at the “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” National School of Fine Arts - a degree that I did not complete because the material world forced me to go out to work in order to survive being a human without any kind of family support.- I just kept on painting instinctively.-

I can be many things; but the only thing that is clear to me is that I am art among the arts!

During my childhood I worked as an Advertising Model and made my debut at the age of 10 in Theater as a Dancer, following the legacy of dances inherited from my Italian blood; being my grandparents and my father professionals in this area.-

During my adolescence I did all the theater school where in addition to acting I did work as an "integral creator" taking care of the staging; the lighting; the costumes; the music; the choreography; the script and the direction of almost all my acting projects.- Reason why I constantly stood out for not being a simple ACTOR.- Role that led me at the same time to not feel comfortable or understood by the teachers of the Conservatory.-

At the age of 18 I made my debut on the Official Theater Staff in The Swedish Match, a play by Antón Chejov.-

After these years in acting, I began to develop as a Plastic Artist and Performer in Happenings and Pop Art Installations.- Almost all my works as a Painter happened between the ages of 14 and 24; being this decade the one with the most registered works; then remaining as a trade that is activated and deactivated according to the inspiration that arises.- My most widespread paintings: THE ILLUMINATI and THE BLOOD were creations blessed by the influence and friendship of Carlos Páez Vilaró.- This collection was also made up of A COUPLE OF SWELLS; a duo of paintings that were part of a HAPPENING of DESTRUCTION; Tribute to the Queen of Pop of Argentina.- My collection inspired by AFRICA created after my travels through various countries of this continent also stands out.-

Painting is the magic of the possible

At the age of 24 I began my studies at the Centro Cultural Rector Ricardo Rojas; where I was trained as a journalist; and I also improved my role as a Short Story Writer; Poetry and Haiku.- On Japanese poetry; I developed a collection of poems that was awarded at the 2nd International Congress of HAIKU and Distinguished at the Embassy of Japan.-

Simultaneously with all my studies; Since I was a teenager I developed an instinctive ability to create music; constantly my mind lived in a Creative Groove that led me to record hundreds of songs.- All these creations in song format remain unpublished - although some have been published in poetry format - To my natural musical capacity I added my music studies and began to play guitar and piano (but I'm not Keith Richards or Beethoven) Oops.-

I honed my skills in this area and created two albums; an EP called 4 CANCIONES DE MIERDA with unreleased tracks influenced by the mood of authors like Boris Vian; Tom Lehrer and Georges Brassens; playing with the absurd and also paying homage to the Damned Poets.- And on the other hand there is a record of COVERS called LAS CANCIONES QUE LA VIEJA ME ENSEÑÓ.- A project that covers a spectrum of authors and creators from all over the world with little-known texts . But the reality is that I never felt comfortable singing in Spanish; for this reason I postponed the edition of both projects; although after my debut album they will come out in multi-language versions.

Art should not be a business

My creative training includes all my work as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer; In this world I have created ad honorem the page of the Rugby Museum and the pages of two icons of Argentine art: Marta Minujín and Nacha Guevara.- Of these three projects; that of the singer is linked to my role as a music lover, collector and rescuer of lost records.- I collaborated with INAMU to organize the rescued editions of the Music Hall Label and I managed to get the records "NACHA GUEVARA from 1970" - “NACHA CANTA BENDETTI from 1972” and “CANCIONES PARA MIS HIJOS from 1973” correctly to the Digital Platforms.- I also collaborated with WARNER MUSIC to rescue the album “VIVA SEVILLA from 1982” and a correction in “AMOR DE CIUDAD GRANDE from 1977” and within my collaboration With SONY MUSIC I managed to get the albums “EVA; EL GRAN MUSICAL ARGENTINO of 1986” and “NACHA GUEVARA EN CONCIERTO of 1988”; all this is part of my role as a non-profit promoter; saving essential music from oblivion.-

I also developed my role as an INSTAGRAMER focused on my facet as a Traveler Blogger!

During the last 6 years I have dedicated myself to visiting more than 40 countries and showing my Collection of URBAN PHOTOS and also making myself known within the REALITY SHOW that is the Internet.-

Unbelievably, the travels join with my musical spirit since places like Harpa in REYKJAVÍK have connected me with one of my greatest influences: BJÖRK.- Also my walks through Scandinavia made me meet local musicians like the Norwegian EVA DONS - with whom I hope to perform a collaboration - or going to PER GESSLE's house has connected me with the purest SWEDISH POP that marked my teen spirit.- Places like MARRAKECH have imbued me with essential African sounds for my creations.- And without a doubt, big cities like LONDON and NEW YORK have led me to love the 90's beats that MADONNA has so impregnated in my essential training; sound that is reflected in tracks like POP DNA or PAUVRE DE MOI; both belonging to my DEBUT album!

As life is a circle, everything ends up coming together; and this Actor who debuted with ANTÓN CHÉJOV in a play called The Swedish Match is this traveler who connects the cities of AUTHORS and MUSICIANS in his photographic captures and nourishes his soul with the sounds of RUSSIA or GERMANY passing through ASIA or EUROPE and mash-up-ing all this trip into a musical project.-

Music saved my life!

The COVID era marked a before and after and the mandatory STOP on trips made my ROLE as SINGER-SONGWRITER activated and I broke with the shyness of not showing my work; deciding to expose them to the critics and the world.- Just at age 42 the universe conspired for RODERIKO to finally find her voice and the sound of his album.- TAGATI consists of 13 TRACKS where the cultural influences of the authors that he consumed throughout of his life are mixed with autobiographical events.-

The album is composed entirely by me - lyrics and music - RODERIKO POP is the Integral Creator and Producer; has a first SINGLE called BROKEN KID - SELF LOVE; which is an autobiographical song launched as a hymn against CHILD ABUSE; but despite this it is not focused on a dramatic mood; was born in order to transform traumatic events in life into ART.- It is a catchy and joyful song despite describing the life of a child who survived the attempted murder of his own mother.- Here art connects with my profession of Psychotherapeutic Companion; job that I performed to help people with mental disorders as a way to repair and collaborate so that there are no more cases like the one I suffered in my own flesh.-

The album has sounds that go from Reggae to Trap; through Acid Jazz Hip Hop Indie Lo-Fi Industrial Atmospheric Dub Techno Punk or RnB.- ALL MIXED with string arrangements thanks to a Symphony Orchestra creating the RODERIKO POP SOUND.-

The lyrics have a lot of autobiographical information mixed with the basics of an AUTHENTIC POP LIFE and the inevitable dose of creative concepts known in songs by VIAN or BRASSENS; This can be heard in the great collaboration with BOEGE on the song GODIVAS’S DREAM where the life of the Pretenders is ridiculed or in IF I WERE MISTER V a multiple tribute that you will discover when you listen to it.-

Another interesting part of the album is the real urban sounds of the UNDERGORUND of LONDON transformed into song; the MAGIC TRANCE concept that makes TAGATI much more than a debut album; is really a CONCEPTUAL JOURNEY.- Her SINGLES like QUANTUM TRIPPER - LAMENTO INDIE - SARU SYNDROME can be enjoyed as individual works but the whole circle is completed when the album is heard as a NON STOP CONCEPT! Welcome to the POP LIFE.-

If you like my music; promote it to your friends and if you don't like it, to your enemies!


RODERIKO POP is a personal journey, so everything you are going to read here starts with a dream; to become a real and unique experience. MY MUSIC IS THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT!

C'MON JOIN THE POP LIFE it's time to follow me on Instagram; Spotify or Apple Music, I also invite you to read my articles to understand a little more about everything I do!

  • "I am an ITALIAN-ARGENTINE ARTIST who is not seeking approval; OUT OF EGO!"

    "I know there are people who love me; I know there are people who don't love me" says the song; and this applies to me in all aspects.- If you are in the first group: GREAT! and If you are in the second group: GREAT TOO! in both cases PROMOTE ME.- Welcome... IT'S ALL ABOUT POP ART!

    image Roderiko Pop
  • "My projects are RARE ... I'm going to EXPRESS MYSELF without being HERD"

    When I start to design a SONG; a MELODY; a PICTURE or a STORY I am not thinking about fashions or business. I NEVER SEEK TO BELONG.- My method is to follow the primary instinct of art and discover my original path; it's always about finding THE ULTIMATE TWIST by being happy!

    image Roderiko Pop
  • "Very early in life I knew that MUSIC is my ABSOLUTE PASSION"

    I feel lucky to have the courage to fulfill my dreams; THE TRICK IS TO BE LOYAL TO YOURSELF; there is nothing more immoral than self-boycott.- No one can take away the infinite power to do what you really want.- I invite you to TRAVEL through my world - ART IS CULTURE; SOMETIMES!

    image Roderiko Pop
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