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I am Roderiko Pop

Everything starts with a dream and following a passion... I always made TRACKS but I was shy about showing them; I know that I am neither the best SINGER nor the best MUSICIAN; but I am the happiest.- Welcome...C'Mon JOIN the POP LIFE!

How my DEBUT album was born (?!)

For more than two decades I've been creating songs but I couldn't find my sound because I didn't like how I listened to myself in Spanish; changing the language made me find my voice and the COVID era pushed me towards the first song.- The mandatory STOP on trips; made the ROLE as a SINGER-SONGWRITER to activate and break with the shyness of not showing my work and deciding to expose it to critics and the world.-

The concept behind TAGATI

I want all my albums to have a single word as their title; the love for AFRICA made me find that right word with the perfect synthesis of the sound and content of the album; it was suggested by BOEGE; who makes a collaboration in a Track.- TAGATI consists of 13 SONGS where the cultural influences of the authors that I consumed throughout my life are mixed with autobiographical events.-

About my LYRICS and SCORES

As I am a multifaceted creative, all the lyrics and scores have been composed by me. The mood of the TRACKS includes diverse rhythms and hallucinated texts; all mixed with autobiographical parts to put something more personal and unique.- The album has sounds that go from Reggae to Trap; through Acid Jazz Hip Hop Indie Lo-Fi Industrial Atmospheric Dub Techno Punk or RnB.- ALL MIXED with string arrangements thanks to a Symphony Orchestra creating the RODERIKO POP SOUND.-

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My musical spectrum is very wide but I have a predilection for the music of the 80's and 90's.- Beyond this my sound is influenced by Björk + Sinéad O'connor + Madonna + Roxette + The Cure (lol).

Anyway; Nothing I do musically tries to imitate other artists.- My music has its own sound that comes from my natural instinct to create melodies.- I was born singing.-

I consume many texts by Boris Vian; Georges Brassens; Flanders and Swann or Jorge del Peral; Enrique Santos Discépolo and Stephen Sondheim; This is all Nacha's fault (oops).

Being a consumer of Nacha's music opened the door for me to many incredible authors and others not very popular; This makes me create from another side the lyrics that I invent for my own songs.-

Within my musical training I have a list of essential albums that have marked me; EROTICA; JOYRIDE; HOMOGENIC; THE LION AND THE COBRA; VERSION 2.0; this has shaped the sound of my music (wow) .-

I also have passion for the B SIDES and RARITIES of the Artists that I admire since many times in the OUT-TAKES I find the most experimental and motivating of each of them.- I will also share mine.-

Autodidact Musician SELF-MADE

Latest Singles

The TAGATI Album has SIX SINGLES; We highlight each of them where you can access the LYRICS - LISTEN - RELEASE DATES.- Soon PRE-SAVE will be available.-

  • "I am an ITALIAN-ARGENTINE ARTIST who is not seeking approval; OUT OF EGO!"

    "I know there are people who love me; I know there are people who don't love me" says the song; and this applies to me in all aspects.- If you are in the first group: GREAT! and If you are in the second group: GREAT TOO! in both cases PROMOTE ME.- Welcome... IT'S ALL ABOUT POP ART!

    image Roderiko Pop
  • "My projects are RARE ... I'm going to EXPRESS MYSELF without being HERD"

    When I start to design a SONG; a MELODY; a PICTURE or a STORY I am not thinking about fashions or business. I NEVER SEEK TO BELONG.- My method is to follow the primary instinct of art and discover my original path; it's always about finding THE ULTIMATE TWIST by being happy!

    image Roderiko Pop
  • "Very early in life I knew that MUSIC is my ABSOLUTE PASSION"

    I feel lucky to have the courage to fulfill my dreams; THE TRICK IS TO BE LOYAL TO YOURSELF; there is nothing more immoral than self-boycott.- No one can take away the infinite power to do what you really want.- I invite you to TRAVEL through my world - ART IS CULTURE; SOMETIMES!

    image Roderiko Pop
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