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The most important for me is MUSIC so this will be the most active section; I'll be posting the SINGLES; as they are edited; and loading everything about my DEBUT ALBUM! I will also be publishing RARITIES and DEMOS that may be included as B SIDE of some TRACK.-

PLAYLIST: Broken Kid

My way of SINGING

I am a new singer in a process of vocal rediscovery.- I am telling you this because during my years as an Actor I did thousands of vocalization exercises; These techniques made me sing in a higher tone - which I hate - so now with the creation of my album I was deactivating that way of singing to find a lower voice - something like a Sleepy Tone - I deliberately seek to create a raspier tone ; and cut the most crispy resonances; eliminate the hurtful.


I am a singer who wants to sound unique; I do not seek to imitate any style; but within the construction of the RODERIKO POP sound what I want is that when you listen to my music you know that it is me.- This also makes me choose to pronounce some words in an absurd way or invented by me.- Sometimes this is in search of a rhyme or to flow the melody that goes better with one consonant or another.-
As GARDEL did that he changed the N for R generating a mark in its pronunciation or as BJÖRK does inventing her own pronunciation of English; exaggerating the R and leaving an unmistakable stamp.- I'm not so egotistical as to level with them; but as an example; This is something I am looking to create.-

  • "I am an ITALIAN-ARGENTINE ARTIST who is not seeking approval; OUT OF EGO!"

    "I know there are people who love me; I know there are people who don't love me" says the song; and this applies to me in all aspects.- If you are in the first group: GREAT! and If you are in the second group: GREAT TOO! in both cases PROMOTE ME.- Welcome... IT'S ALL ABOUT POP ART!

    image Roderiko Pop
  • "My projects are RARE ... I'm going to EXPRESS MYSELF without being HERD"

    When I start to design a SONG; a MELODY; a PICTURE or a STORY I am not thinking about fashions or business. I NEVER SEEK TO BELONG.- My method is to follow the primary instinct of art and discover my original path; it's always about finding THE ULTIMATE TWIST by being happy!

    image Roderiko Pop
  • "Very early in life I knew that MUSIC is my ABSOLUTE PASSION"

    I feel lucky to have the courage to fulfill my dreams; THE TRICK IS TO BE LOYAL TO YOURSELF; there is nothing more immoral than self-boycott.- No one can take away the infinite power to do what you really want.- I invite you to TRAVEL through my world - ART IS CULTURE; SOMETIMES!

    image Roderiko Pop
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