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All about POP LIFE BOY (MEMORIES) – Lyrics + Playlist

Originally it was going to be called POP-DNA but the distributor did not let me use the name written all in capital letters and since I did not like how it was written I changed the title of the song.- Anyway, everyone calls it POP-DNA lol Like all of you you know; I am an ACTOR - if you did not know this you are finding out - and during my adolescence I also went through the School of FINE ARTS since there are also PAINTINGS by Roderiko.- This TRACK unites part of these two worlds with MUSIC and ART personalities in these three worlds that have interacted with me in some way.- It's one of my favorite songs; And it also reminds me that when a person dreams something and pursues that dream, it ends up being fulfilled; in a small town or in a big city; I was always a pop star; and this song talks about that.-


Pop Life Boy (Memories)

Recorded to be the OPENING TRACK of the album; it was originally going to be saved for the full album release; but responding with the demand of my listeners; I preferred to edit it as SINGLE.- This song is another of my most personal tracks, full of winks to famous POP CULTURE characters both in MUSIC and PLASTIC ART that have influenced me.- It pays tribute to my years as an ACTOR + my years in the school of FINE ARTS + my MUSICAL world with the PLUS of joining this with part of my travels and iconic places.- “LIFE IS A CIRCLE” .- Once again; guitars; electronic noises; melancholic accordions and strings; all together to create the POP atmosphere that this album deserved as a presentation.-

RELEASE DATE: 18/03/2021

We create a PLAYLIST as a COMPLEMENT; so you can hear this song in context.- If you want to connect with the POP world that inspired me and add a little extra magic; give a full listen to the selection of songs including artists like PET SHOP BOYS; HARRY STYLES; DRAKE; HEDWIG; LADY GAGA; CYNDI LAUPER; DUA LIPA; DEPECHE MODE; PRINCE; ERASURE; LORDE; MADONNA; IGGY POP to LANA DEL REY or LOU REED and NO DOUBT.-

PLAYLIST: Pop Life Boy / Complements