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All about HAUNTED UNDERGROUND – Lyrics + Playlist

Musical boxes; Real Urban Sounds from the Undergorund in London; Sounds of the Tundra and the Ocean; all this mixed with texts inspired by DISCÉPOLO "PEOPLE ARE BRUTAL AND ALWAYS HATE THE ONE WHO DREAMS"; another incredible mix with which is for many listeners one of the best songs achieved.- Somehow the TANGO and the depression of BUENOS AIRES joined with a magical world of HORROR MOVIES + winds of SOUNDTRACK and a LONDON with all its Groove of concrete and history.


Haunted Undergound

Recorded with the real sounds of LONDON; This was the first song that I composed entirely from the score. - Changing the construction mode for other Tracks; It is my most British song.- I have visited this city so many times - in fact, it is my favorite city in the whole world - that I automatically feel like I am able to transport myself to the corridors of the UNDERGROUND.- On the other hand; beyond the Urban Sounds; I created a melody with a Musical Box + the sampling of my voice.- The Lyrics have the mystery and melancholy of concrete in big cities and lonely lives.- Some critics who had previews of the album consider it to be the best cut of TAGATI.-

Lanzamiento: 21/02/2021

We create a PLAYLIST as a COMPLEMENT; so you can hear this song in context.- If you want to connect with the vibes of the single by immersing yourself in the underworld of the underground and other songs that helped complete the concept; give a full listen to the selection of songs that include artists like CHRISTINA AGUILERA; MADONNA; PORTISHEAD; SHANE MACGOWAN; SHAWN MENDES; FLORENCE + THE MACHINE; SINEAD O'CONNOR; BJÖRK; or even THE CURE; DUSTY SPRINGFIELD; JUSTIN BIEBER or DAVID BOWIE.-

PLAYLIST: haunted Underground / Complements