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All about SARU SYNDROME – Lyrics + Playlist

With this third single I got into what I call INTELLECTUAL TRAP; The idea was to use urban and trendy sounds to combine them with string arrangements and a text that may seem simple but is supported by the iconic story of the 3 WISE MONKEYS.- It is also called WISDOM OF THE FLAME by my listeners.- Originally it was to be a DISCO song but I decided to save that version for the REMIXES ALBUM that will be released after the full album.-


Saru Syndrome

Everyone knows about the figures of "the three Wise Monkeys" or "the Three Mystical Monkeys"; about this idea and also "the Ostrich Mode" - surely we all have experienced this feeling at some time in our lives - this song was born.- Also on this Track I created a melody with xylophone along with symphonic arrangements and a string quartet; as a bonus I added a drum set in tempo of Trap and the participation of a female voice to contrast with my voice.- The result is a mash-up of style that makes me love her instantly.- I hope you feel the same way.-

Lanzamiento: 21/01/2021

We create a PLAYLIST as a COMPLEMENT; so that you can hear this song in context.- If you want to connect with the intention of the single and get into a musical story; give a full listen to the selection of songs that include artists like JUSTIN BIEBER; MADONNA; ERASURE; MASSIVE ATTACK; BILLIE EILISH; GARBAGE; BOY GEORGE; SINEAD 0'CONNOR; KELLY OSBOURNE; BRITNEY SPEARS; up to BJÖRK; HARRY STYLES; LADY GAGA or ALANIS MORISSETTE.-

PLAYLIST: Saru Syndrome / Complements