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All about LAMENTO INDIE – Lyrics + Playlist

They have described this song as a religious apocalyptic track; a kind of Hymn for the End of the World.- And it's not bad at all; I loved when they told me this when submitting my song for a Playlist! There is nothing cooler than finding that curators and critics fail to catalog your style; For me it is the greatest happiness because that means that I am not generic and also that I do not copy the sound or style of others.- This song is a TRIP HOP with TRAP arrangements and a CHORUS that accompanies my multiple vocal styles.- It may be the closing of the album; but maybe there is an extra bonus and this song is then the prelude to the end.-


lamento Indie

This Track was born with the spirit of a dark choir that grows throughout the song and also with the screams of a mysterious singer, becoming the clousure of the album.- Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to save it for the LP, but I think it is so good that deserves to be a Single.- It has 4 different styles of my singing; generating divers registers and nuances but at the same time looping my voice to give a fade-out texture as a farewell.- YES it is an original creation; It is NOT a cover of "Lamento Indio" .-

RELEASE DATE: 29/04/2021

We create a PLAYLIST as a COMPLEMENT; so that you can hear this song within a context.- If you want to connect with this song that absorbs different musical genres that have influenced me; give a full listen to the selection of songs that include artists like THE CURE; ROXETTE; MAC MILLER; ERASURE; MILEY CYRUS; MADONNA; BJÖRK; THE KILLERS; ERASURE; GARBAGE; MASSIVE ATTACK; THE CARDIGANS; BLUR; LANA DEL REY; LADY GAGA; to TRAVIS or THE ROLLIG STONES and PLACEBO.-

PLAYLIST: Lamento Indie / Complements